Connecting Sitar with Dance

Raag Abhogi  - short Alap/Jor/ Jhala Sitar & Dance 

Raag Manj Khamaj & Water color

Raag Manj Khamaj from my CD 'Inner Voice' The romantic and mysterious mood of this composition is  enhanced by my water color painting images .

Fortunate to have been accompanied by tabla maestro Anindo Chatterjee.

Ekavali the Connecting Thread

Sitar & World percussion connecting  humanity through world melodies that have migrated acrooss to distant lands! 

Featured percussionist  : Tanmoy Bose, a pioneer of world music .

Raag Jaijawanti

Anaudio visual expressioon of Raag Jaijawanti. Audio track from my CD Celebrating  Bulbul.

I Am A River ~ Sitar saxophobe & tabla

I Am A River  Tracksa :

The Beginning 

Innocence, composoO


Inauguration of sitar/saxophone CD I Am A River & 40th Annniversary celebrations of US /Bangladesh relations